Town Council

The Town Charter calls for election of the mayor and council members on the first Tuesday in November in each even-numbered year. The mayor serves a four-year term and the council members serve four-year staggered terms.

The Town of Stephens City has been organized under the Council-Manager form of government. The Stephens City Town Council is the legislative body of the Stephens City local government that is responsible for adopting all ordinances and resolutions, approving the annual operating and capital budgets, setting all tax rates, approving the five-year Capital Improvement Program, setting all user fees, making land use and zoning decisions, and establishing long range plans and policies.

Joy B. Shull (Chairwoman) Town Mayor: Joy B. Shull - Gellner


Town Council Members:

Ronald L. Bowers
Linden A. Fravel Jr.
Linden A. Fravel Jr.
Jason Nauman
Joseph W. Hollis (Chairman)
Joseph W. Hollis (Chairman)

(June 2016)

(June 2014)

(June 2014)
Jason Nauman
(June 2016)

(June 2016)

(June 2016)

Town Council Standing Committees:

Administrative Committee Personnel Committee
Joy B. Shull- Gellner, Mayor (Chair) Martha Dilg (Chair)
Linden A. Fravel, Jr. (Vice-Mayor) Joseph W. Hollis
Joseph Hollis Ronald L. Bowers
Water and Sewer Committee Public Works
Jason Nauman Joseph Grayson (Chair)
Linden A. Fravel, Jr. Martha Dilg
Joseph Grayson Linden A. Fravel, Jr.
Finance Committee Public Safety
Joseph W. Hollis (Chair) Ronald L. Bowers (Chair)
Jason Nauman Charles Bockey (Police Chief)
Linden A. Fravel, Jr. Greg Locke (Fire Chief)
  Thomas Merritt
  George Vaught
Parks and Recreation  
Ronald L. Bowers (Chair)  
Lou Boyer  
George Vaught  
Dennis Clem