Fire Department

The Stephens City Fire Department (Company 11) is located at 5346 Mulberry Street and consists of approximately 50 volunteers.

Company 11’s emergency services blend volunteers and trained professionals to serve the citizens of Stephens City and Frederick County. County and Town residents rely on the highly-trained skills of these individuals who serve the fire department and rescue squad. During times of crisis, these men and women are the difference between life and death.

For Emergencies Dial 911 or 662-6162 for Dispatch for both the Police Department, Fire and Rescue.

You can reach the Stephens City Fire and Rescue at 540-869-4576.


Fire Department Rescue Squad
Fire Chief - Greg Locke. EMS Captain - Tommy Merritt
Assistant Fire Chief - John Jones I EMS Lieutenant - Tweety Eastep
Deputy Chief - Steve Ritter EMS Sargent - Earl Luttrell
Captain - Bruce Luttrell  
Lieutenant - John Jones II  
Sergeant - T.J. Vaught